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What Makes Organic SEO Superior to Non-Organic

By entrusting an SEO specialist optimisation of your website, you are not only entrusting them its ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) but your online reputation as well. By choosing organic SEO over non-organic you are leaving your website and online reputation in good hands because:

Organic SEO Doesn’t Use Dirty Tricks

Instead, organic SEO specialists follow search engine guidelines in order to meet their requirements and eliminate the risk of potential penalties due to the use of manipulative tactics. If search engines discover that they have been deceived (and they sooner or later always do), there is no way to avoid penalty in the form of demotion or elimination from their indexes.

Organic SEO Seeks to Increase Value for Your Website’s Visitors

Besides seeking to impress search engines, organic SEO specialists also seek to impress the website’s visitors through quality, original and interesting content, attractive website design, user-friendliness, etc. That way organic SEO helps increase the value of your website for its visitors and makes them more likely to return, tell their friends about it and leave a backlink on other websites with relevant content. By doing so, they help increase traffic to your website but they also help your website move higher in SERP because natural links have the greatest weight in the eyes of search engines.

Google and other search engines translate each backlink into votes. But one link doesn’t simply translate into one vote. As a result, having a large quantity of votes isn’t enough to convince search engines that your website deserves a higher position in SERP. In order to achieve that, you need quality, not just quantity backlinks. And this is exactly what organic SEO seeks to achieve by making your website’s visitors want to link to it other than simply submitting links in as many directories as possible, purchasing, exchanging, etc.

Organic SEO Boosts Your Online Reputation

By following strategies, increasing your website’s value for its visitors, improving its usability and design attractiveness, etc., organic SEO helps you build a reputation which in turn is the key to success in every business, especially online where competition is extremely fierce.

Organic SEO Brings Results that Last

Since organic SEO strictly avoids unethical strategies and focuses on making a website likeable to both search engines and its visitors, it brings no risk of demotions in the future due to the use of manipulative and deceiving tactics. Instead, it brings results that last.