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Organic SEO - The Surest Way to Success

Would you like to see your website on the 1st place of Google search results for relevant keywords and don’t know how? If so, it may be worth to consider hiring a search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist to make your website more likeable to search engines. But besides making Google and other major search engines like your website and rank it higher in their results pages, you should also work on making it more likeable to your visitors. Rather than looking for an SEO specialist, you should therefore be looking for an organic SEO specialist.

What is Organic SEO Anyway

Like its name suggests, organic SEO is focused on improving a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) as naturally as possible. The conventional SEO, on the other hand, often uses strategies that aren’t exactly approved by search engines and may even be considered by the latter as manipulative and deceiving. As a result, they often punish websites utilising conventional SEO strategies and rank them lower instead of higher. In the worst case scenario, they may even decide to remove the website from their indexes. This cannot happen to you with organic SEO because it strictly avoids all controversial tactics and employs exclusively strategies that are approved by search engines.

How Organic SEO Works

Organic SEO specialists use different strategies to make a website more likeable to search engines and subsequently, improve its SERP ranking. As mentioned earlier, they always follow the guidelines of major search engines in order to avoid penalties. But besides seeking to impress Google and other major search engines, they also seek to impress the website’s visitors in order to make them want to link to the website on other sites with relevant content.

Backlinks play an important role in SEO as each backlink brings votes which are by search engines regarded as an indicator of popularity. So, the more backlinks you have the better, right? Not exactly because not every link receives the same amount of votes. You get the most votes from natural links, i.e. those that were left on other websites by web users. And yes, search engines have tools to distinguish between natural and non-natural backlinks if you are perhaps wondering which is why it is of utmost importance to offer value to your website’s visitors.


Organic SEO addresses both factors that play the key role in a website’s success – search engines and visitors. By using exclusively search engine approved strategies and tactics, it ensures compliance with search engines’ requirements and eliminates the risk of penalties. And by increasing a website’s value for its visitors, organic SEO stimulates them to leave backlinks to it on other websites. That way organic SEO helps increase the number of links which count the most and often also directly increase traffic to your website.