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An Overview of Main Organic SEO Strategies

Different SEO specialists use different strategies to improve a website’s visibility. And organic SEO is no exception. There are, however, a few strategies that are followed by most organic SEO specialists because they have been proven to deliver not only the best results but results that last and enable their clients to stay on the top when reaching it. Some of the main organic SEO strategies include:

Quality Content

Search engines are literally crazy about content and as a result, both organic and conventional SEO specialists follow the strategy “content is king”. But unlike conventional SEO that is often focused only on quantity with little or no regard to quality, organic SEO puts just as much attention to quality for two reasons. Firstly, search engines don’t just love content but they love unique and well written content. And they have tools to distinguish between original and poorly rewritten content. The second reason why quality matters so much when it comes to content are the visitors who are looking for valuable information.

Thorough Keyword Research

The vast majority of visitors come from search engines that direct them to particular websites on the basis of keywords and keyword phrases they enter into the search form. But in order to reach the target audience, it sometimes isn’t enough to build content around the most searched keywords and keyword phrases. In case of extremely competitive keywords, it is sometimes better to focus on slightly less searched but less competitive keywords. Organic SEO therefore always involves an exhaustive keyword research in order to determine both search volume and competitiveness.

Search Engine Friendly Coding

Search engines don’t see websites with human eyes but they see them in codes. An unfortunate error can therefore be very costly in terms of SERP ranking because if the search engines are unable to “see” or are struggling to read your website, they will need more time to index it or even fail to do so. Website coding isn’t exactly an SEO specialist job but they usually have it checked by a web designer in order to make sure that there aren’t any errors that may hinder or prevent the website from progressing in SERP. Besides coding, they also take care of other technical aspects including META tags and descriptions, URLs, etc. either on their own or in cooperation with web designers.

This is a complex tactic which involves all the above mentioned strategies and some other approaches. Attracting natural links is one of the most important aspects of organic SEO because they bring considerably more votes than non-natural ones, e.g. link buying, exchanging, directory submissions, etc. Not only do these translate into fewer votes but they may even negatively affect your website’s SERP ranking because search engines strongly disapprove links on grounds other than merit.